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Corona Virus Notice

Social Distancing Guidelines at our Auto Salvage Facility in Dandenong

The safety and wellbeing of our customers, team, and all Australians is our utmost priority. Victoria wreckers want to let you know what we are doing in response to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Corona Virus Notice

This is an evolving situation, so please check back here regularly for updates as we closely monitor the situation and respond.

Elderly and Vulnerable Customers

We are working on ways to ensure that vulnerable customers, who need a bit more assistance, can get the help they need. We are prioritising our senior citizens to ensure that existing customers over 70 can have a car removal service with us, and are working to expand this to other vulnerable customers who need our barbering service for health reasons. We’re also in contact with a range of charities and social agencies; this is a constantly-changing situation and we’re monitoring this closely. We encourage everyone to be mindful of those people who might need a little extra help at this time.

A little kindness goes a long way

Australians are all about fairness and at VIC WRECKERS want to make sure that when people are dealing with us, their health and safety are priotorized.

The goal of these essential practices is to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. If too many people become sick at the same time, that could overwhelm Melbourne’s hospitals.


There is much concern and people are altering their lives to protect themselves from COVID-19, Airlines are increasingly finding aeroplanes half empty with Virgin and Qantas already cancelling flights, the CEO taking a direct salary cut and talk of staff being stood down, the Summer Olympics in Tokyo is looking threatened and many tourist operators are already finding it hard to make ends meet.

A lot of the issues we are facing are driven by fear caused partly by continued media focus and hype with perhaps a gap in knowledge of what Coronavirus is and how we can manage a potential outbreak.


Prevention is much preferred than cure – we are prepared for whatever might happen whilst we ride this current storm. Vic wreckers are helping its team by giving them clarity around the coronavirus, We are implementing stringent sanitation procedures and make sure they are followed. Such as washing hands with soap and water for as frequently as needed and before and after every customer. Avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth, cough into their armpit or a tissue and immediately wash hands. If any employee or client is sick, they should stay home and should contact health authorities. Again the Australia Department of Health website has excellent latest information around this.

As important as making sure our team are taking precautions – our clients need to be aware that you are too.

The coronavirus threat is real, it’s very important for everybody to follow safe sanitation procedures and most importantly do not over react to all the hype. The more we understand using fact the less stressed us and our team and clients will be so be prepared and be proactive in our response to the threat.

Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to serving you again soon.

Please stay safe everyone and please take care of your friends and loved ones.

Car Removal Keysborough

Vic Wreckers Pay Cash for Cars Removal in Keysborough

If you would like to get rid of your car or truck in Keysborough, our free car removal service makes that quick and easy. You can book your pickup early in the day and-and we’ll remove the vehicle by the end of the day. There’s no hidden cost for the same-day car removal. You can contact our Car Removal Keysborough team to book our cash for cars service.

We pay the top cash prices for cars in Keysborough, Dandenong, and you can rely on our Car Removal Keysborough team to beat every genuine offer. You can get up to $9999 for your car, regardless of make, the model, and condition.

Car Removal Keysborough

No job is too big or too small for the team at Victoria wreckers. We’ll tackle:

Any make or model of:

  • Running Cars
  • Damaged/Old Cars (scrap, junk)
  • Accidental Write Offs
  • Trailers/Trucks

Do You Need A Title Or Registration For Your Car?

Having a title is not a requirement but is preferred. We at Vic wreckers also accept other proof of ownership. You can ask our team of experts on other documents we accept. They will surely help you with at the time of the quote by phone. If you are selling the car with title or registration you need to cancel the registration by submitting a notice of disposal form.

Why Vic Wreckers? We’re Offer The Most Cash For Scrap Car Removal Keysborough

  • We’re leaders in the Melbourne car wrecking industry and experts in car removal and scrap metal recycling.
  • We will happily remove all unwanted cars and trucks, be they scrapped, write-offs, 4x4s, old trailers etc.
  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and take pride in being able to offer our customers the best possible prices for all car removal in Melbourne and Victoria.
  • We pay cash, ensure a fast removal service that is easy, hassle-free, professional, efficient and friendly.
  • We offer the most competitive prices in the industry, utilising parts for re-sale and recycling initiatives with the support of Australian and international organisations.
  • Our skilled staff are trained and equipped to remove all types of scrap, including defective and dangerous vehicles – safety is a priority, and we endeavour not to do any damage to any property or the environment.

Truck Wreckers Keysborough

If you want to get cash for cars quotes or to arrange car removal, you can phone 0411 704 458 or email us on

Our team is happy to help you with any questions you might have.

For more information, visit our truck wreckers page.

Wreckers Buy Takata Airbag Cars

Sell your Unwanted Car (Faulty Takata Airbags) in Melbourne.

Vehicles made by 19 various car makers have been recalled to replace frontal airbags on the driver’s side or passenger’s side, or both in what Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has called “the largest and most complex safety recall in Australia history.” The airbags, made by major Japanese parts supplier Takata, were mostly installed in cars from early 2000 through 2015.  The risk is that the airbag’s inflator can explode causing serious injury or death to the driver and passengers if deployed during a crash.

Wreckers Buy Takata Airbag Cars

At VIC Wreckers Buy Takata Airbag Cars, we can help turn your unwanted Takata Airbag Cars into cash.

We’re specialists in cash for cars and truck salvage, providing collection and disposal services to the general public, Victoria companies, local authorities, and the Police.

Check if your vehicle is affected by visiting and entering your number plate details. Here is the list of most affected models:

  • Holden: 2010 Holden Cruze
  • Honda: Honda City MY2012, CR-V MY 2011, Insight MY2012-2013, Jazz MY2012-2014 & Jazz Hybrid MY2012-2013, Honda Civic MY2006-2011, Jazz Hybrid MY2012 and Legend MY2007-2012, Honda Accord MY2001-2007 and Honda MDX MY2003-2006
  • Toyota: 2003 – 2005 Toyota Echo and Rav4
  • BMW:  BMW 5 Series (E39) MY2002-2003, BMW 3 Series (E46) MY2001-2006 & BMW X5 (E53) MY2003
  • Mitsubishi: 2007 – 2014 ML & MN Triton.

Wreckers Buy Takata Airbag Cars?

Our Takata Airbag Cars expert team is always on hand to answer any of your questions and because our car buyers guarantee all of their prices, the price you are offered is what you will get paid.

Whether you’re looking for a Takata Airbag Cars buyers in Melbourne, or you want to dispose of your Takata Airbag Cars in Victoria, get the best deal for your vehicle and enjoy free collection on a time and day that works for you.

  1. Get Quote.
  2. Accept quote.
  3. We come to your address to collect the vehicle

Working with a number of hire companies, accident management companies, and insurance companies across Australia we also collect damaged vehicles and repairable salvage.

Our auto wrecking facilities in Australia:

Car Removal Lang Lang

Scrap Car Removal Lang Lang, Top Dollar Cash for Unwanted Cars Disposals

Here at Vic wreckers, we are a friendly, professional and reliable business, and we pride ourselves on our level of customer care. If you are looking for Car Removal Lang Lang to sell your car for scrap, we are the people to call. We take all types of vehicles, from RW failures, non-runners and accident-damaged cars to wreck trucks, vans and vehicles of any model, condition or description.

Car Removal Lang Lang

We pay good cash for all vehicles e.g. unwanted, unused, damaged, non runners, MOT failures, scrap. Convert them into money. Call us now…

We are renowned for paying top prices, collecting at a time that suits you & making the whole process as quick & easy as possible. Get in touch…

Sell your scrap car for cash in Lang Lang

We have been breaking cars for decades and have been in the industry for over 20 years, so are experts in our trade. Our collections are free and you could earn up to AUD5000 today for all sort of cars! We also don’t charge any extra costs for handling administration, so you will always make money by using us. We also follow official guidelines and will take care of all the paperwork that is involved as per VicRoads requirements, including giving you a car disposal receipt, so you will have peace of mind.

From the moment you call us to ask for a quote, we will do everything in our power to offer you the best price for your vehicle and will always give you any information that you need. We want your sale to go as smoothly as possible and all of our team are friendly, honest and approachable.


Luckily there is a simpler, safer, more efficient way to sell your car, contact Get Victoria wreckers today. To sell your car fast, by using our 3-step car selling process as follows:

  • Contact Us to Get and Accept a Cash Offer. Complete the cash offer form or call us directly for your cash offer now. Want to think about our offer or shop around? No problem, our cash offers are typically guaranteed for up to 30 days!
  • Schedule a Time That Is Convenient for You. We will schedule the best time for you to provide us with the keys and ownership document for your car, truck or SUV.
  • Collect your Cash Offer and We Will Take Care of the Rest. We’ll provide your guaranteed cash offer in the form of a hard cash or online banking. We will also provide free towing and can usually pick up your vehicle at your home, place of work or a local auto repair shop.

In most situations, our 3-step car selling process from the moment you accept our offer is completed within 24 hours! So, why wait, speed up in receiving your cash for your car, call us now!

Our auto salvage partners in Australia:

Junk Cars Doncaster

Our Complete Car Removal Service in Doncaster

The team at Vic wreckers offer a range of different services to those of you living in Doncaster,  City of Manningham. We accept all kinds of cars, trucks, vans, utes and motorcycles and offer on the spot payment. Whether you are looking for a old car removal, unwanted car removal, or scrap truck removal service, we have it for you. As professional car wreckers we are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best service in Doncaster suburb! Along with this, we have a free removal and pick up service available if you are not able to transport your old car to us.

Junk Cars Doncaster

Cash for Scrap Cars & Auto Recyclers in City of Manningham

When the idea of seeking cash for cars buyer is stressing you out, we are the company to call.

We understand that vehicle owners want a good deal that they don’t have to spend hours negotiating to get.

Just as we understand that they want the peace of mind that they are dealing with a reputable company.

Vic wreckers is a reputable company that is fully licensed and insured and offers fair cash offers regardless of your vehicle’s condition, make, model or year.

We don’t require long telephone conversations and in most cases, we can offer a cash appraisal on your vehicle over the phone or through our “Get a Quote” form on this site.

It takes only a few minutes for you to provide us with the exact details of your vehicle, including a complete description of its condition and we’ll make you a cash offer.

Here are some of the cars we dismantle:

Sell your Junk Cars Doncaster to VIC wreckers today and get up to $9999 instant cash.

How to Sell your Junk Cars Doncaster for Cash

Selling your car is always considered very easy and shot process when you deal with Vic Wreckers. First, you call us for a price quote. After analysing all your car specifications and condition, we give you a price for your car. When you say ‘yes’, then we book the car for pick up with your suitable time. Then our Junk Cars Doncaster team come to your location and give you the money with all the paperwork for your vehicle. You get all done on the same day with our hassle-free and no obligation price quote as well as fast and free removal, Truck Wreckers Melbourne.

Cash for Cars Service Areas

Vic wreckers operate in all areas and suburbs of Melbourne and Victoria. No matter what suburb are you in, our team travel to northern, western, eastern and southern suburbs to give cash for cars Melbourne. We offer free car removal in all suburbs of Melbourne region:

The amount we pay in cash that starts from $150, and we go up to $9,999 for good model vehicles anywhere in City of Manningham.
We don’t do any delays in picking up your vehicle. It takes just 10 minutes to 4 hours to pick up your vehicle. Fast, quick and on the same day. Get Cash for Junk Cars Doncaster”Doesn’t matter what sort of car you have. We come and pay you money on the same day.

Terms and Conditions:

1. He/she is the owner of the vehicle should confirm that his/her vehicle is free of any debt, charge, mortgage or any other financial obligation.
2. We will require proof of ownership of the vehicle.
3. We will need a photo ID ( Valid driver’s license or Passport) for verification and documentation purposes.